OVERVIEW: Helping Men is in the business of delivering personal and professional training and development services designed to empower men and boys and those who work with men and boys.  

OUR VISION: A world where people of all genders are empowered and enabled to thrive and fulfil their greatest potential.

OUR MISSION: To help build communities where every man and boy is just one conversation away from the help and support they need.

OUR OBJECTIVE: To build the capacity of communities to empower men and boys to access whatever help and support they need to flourish. 

OUR GOAL: To design, develop and deliver courses and workshop that make a difference for men and boys and people in the business of helping men and boys. 

OUR MARKET: The English-speaking world with a current focus on Australia and the UK. 

CONTACT: For more information contact glen@glenpoole.com

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