At HELPING MEN we design, develop and deliver training and development opportunities for two key audiences:
  • Men and boys
  • People in the business of helping and supporting men and boys


Our primary training for people who are in the business of providing help and support to men and boys is Helping Men Get Help.

For upcoming dates of this see details of our Australian tour here

Helping Men Get Help is designed for service providers in areas such as health promotion, parenting, education, social care, mental health, support groups, community safety and housing.

The course is the perfect training for any professional concerned with helping men and boys get better access to or outcomes from their existing services, or anyone interested in developing new services and projects for men and boys.

The aim of the course is leave you with a broad understanding of
 the barriers that men and boys face and give you the skills and knowledge you need to help and boys overcome these barriers and access the services and projects you run.

Helping Men Get Help is generally delivered as a one-day workshop. You can find out more about our Helping Men Get Help course here


Our primary workshop for men is Your Masculinity Rules, which next be delivered in Melbourne in November 2015 (details here)

The workshop is primarily designed for men who have some experience of personal development work such as coaching, counselling or group work, and an interest in developing their understanding of their own masculinity. 

It is an educational and experiential programme that provides great benefit to men who are happy taking personal responsibility for their own growth and development. It can be offered in a variety of formats including:
  • Short taster sessions
  • One day workshop
  • 6 x 2 hour sessions
We are currently exploring opportunities to make this training available to boys. You can find out more about Your Masculinity Rules here.

NB: The course is not therapy and it is not an alternative to therapy.


To find out more about our courses and workshops contact today.

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